A super-speedy product website for the number one HVAC tool supplier in the UK.

  • Responsive website
  • Accessible – AA rating
  • UI/UX
  • Product listings
  • WordPress
  • IP recognition

“Rouge took on the redesign task with the same level of professionalism that I’ve come to expect from them. Before the redesign, the JAVAC website suffered from a confused navigation system for it’s products. Rouge have provided a clean design that is already reflecting a stronger user journey with lower bounce rates on key pages.”

Gavin Rampling Group Creative Lead

Javac - Gavin Ramping - Group Creative Lead - Aspen Pumps Group

What we did:

Since its inception in 1964, JAVAC has lead the way in HVAC tool technology and is one of the world’s leading manufacturing specialists in vacuum and refrigeration products, designing and building their own brand of recovery and vacuum products for the refrigeration industry.

With the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2018 conference looming, JAVAC needed to get a new website up and running in just eight weeks. Their current site was old and clunky and was failing to showcase the quality of thier product range. What’s more, the website navigation was disorganised and confusing, having been gradually added to over the years.

A full analysis of thier current site and a detailed wireframing process kicked-off the project, leaving us with a detailed technical specification and a UI guide for our design team to build on. Despite the tight deadlines, it was vital to do the neccessary planning up front to ensure the smooth running of the project. Having recently rebranded, JAVAC handed over some newly branded materials and asked us to make them a website to match. Using these materials, and taking inspiration from its sister website, Aspen Pumps, we created a design which both looked professional and lead the user through an improved journey to find the products they required, quickly and easily.

To achieve the aggressive timelines, we built a mobile responsive, WordPress website. No content management training was needed for the client, the testing process was reduced due to the use of the established Bootstrap framework and the hosting setup was straightforward.

The two keys sales regions for JAVAC are the UK and the EU. With region specific product ranges we needed a way to display the correct products to the right markets, based on their location. We ruled out having separate sites for the UK and the EU, which would have been more difficult to manage and given us potential Search Engine Optimisation issues. Instead we developed a system to recognise the users IP address and then serve them the relevant content. The site also supports 5 languages, delivering the content in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

A post-code look-up, ‘Where to buy’ function allows the visitors to find a local distributor in the UK. This will be extended into Europe once the sales network has been established.

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