Global Integration

A WordPress website with SalesForce integration which improved global rankings and significantly improved quality lead generation

Global integration homepage shown on laptop with water bottle and ear pods nearby

We ditched their sluggish theme and created a brand new bespoke WordPress website, which tripled their leads in the first month

Rouge were tasked with vastly improving site speed to increase global rankings (they jumped 304k places in the first few weeks) and to achieve a sustained improvement in lead generation, quality and conversion (they received 107 new leads in month one)

Why does anyone spend the cash on a whole new website when they already have one? Aside from the aesthetics, primarily to improve the site performance and get more of those all-important leads. And Global Integration was no different. We worked closely with Global Integration to ensure all downloads (brochures, whitepapers, webinars, etc.) were hooked up to SalesForce with a clear and trackable user journey. As a result, they now have significantly more ongoing downloads and leads.

They had outgrown their current WordPress theme, and the upkeep had become frustrating. Not to mention slow. We ensured the content on their new site was logical and of high value to site visitors, all delivered via a sitemap, increasing the average time users spent on site.

From a design perspective, the old site had naturally become a little stayed. The brand elements were all there – a logo, a colour palette and some image content from recent print pieces – but they just needed a lift. Something that said ‘we’re still the global training specialists you know and love’ but in a more sophisticated and modern way. We delivered a subtle brand facelift that made all the difference to the result.

And what a result. A robust, strongly branded sales machine that will last for many years to come.

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