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The Challenge

Fredericks Foundation provide business loans to individuals and companies that have been unable to obtain a loan from a traditional source such as a bank. Loan applicants have to provide documents and complete forms in order to supply Fredericks Foundation administrators with enough information to properly assess them. This led to a great deal of offline paperwork that was difficult to organise and share.

The proposed solution was to develop a web application that would allow loan applicants to provide their information digitally and bring a degree of automation to the application process.

When selecting a platform on which to develop the web application, user management and file storage featured high on the list of requirements. Fortunately, Drupal has a granular user permissions system and a file/document storage facility built into its core software, both of which are secure.

Many of the other requirements are not available in Drupal’s core software. A significant amount of custom web developement was needed to deliver the specific requirements.



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