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The Challenge

The Empire Test Pilot School (ETPS) is the UK MOD’s training school for military test pilots and provides graduates from many other countries worldwide – for both military and commercial flight. The school first took flight in 1943 when Air Marshal Sir Ralph Sorley decided something needed to be done about the increasing number of fatalities in test flying. Our job was to build ETPS a new website that would help them retain the status as the world’s premier home of the fine art of experimental flight.

Our Solution

Jet planes, leather jackets, helicopters and daring deeds. It’s a boys own adventure. Well, so we thought at first. As it turns out being a test pilot or a flight test engineer is a highly skilled, highly technical, prestigious job. After our first visit to the ETPS base at MOD Boscombe Down it became clear that we had to build a website that lived up to these same levels of precision and sophistication. And that’s just what we did.

The site has been built in SharePoint and features a super clear navigation to help potential students find their way around the site and the courses. Behind the scenes is a secure area providing the school, and the students, easy access to course documentation and information.


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