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DataSift – Website

The Challenge

DataSift is the most powerful data processing platform offering the largest repository of real-time and historical social, news and blog data in the world. Access to social data allows companies to influence anything from their brand health, Voice of the Customer to supply chain and new revenue generation.

Through an API, DataSift data Integrates with popular Business Intelligence tools, applications and developer tools. DataSift came to Rouge with a simple brief: help sort out an enormous repository of information for developers working with the API and development tools. The Developer site contains quickstarts, client code libraries, how to guides and more but it needed organising and structuring, a simple, intuitive user interface designing and a brand new site developing.

The Solution

Manual content population for the new site was out of the question, so getting all the data from one structure to another involved careful data manipulation through custom Drupal 7 module development. Rouge unhooked the data from a legacy Azure platform and set up a new Drupal 7 site in its own environment, allowing changes to the site to be planned and implemented quickly, at a rate needed by the end users and customers.

DataSift are a company on the move. Not only is the technology developing at a phenomenal rate but the business, based in San Francisco, is growing fast. Rouge work with the UK and US based teams using a Sprint method, providing design, development and ongoing technical support and maintenance for a website that is continuously moving forward.

DataSift Developers website

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