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Behind the scenes at the museum

The Challenge

Ceramics in the Expanded Field is a project aimed at producing the first critical overview of the relationship between contemporary ceramics and curatorial practice in museum culture. Rouge was selected by the University of Westminster to create a website to publish the articles and papers written by the researchers and academics.

Our Solution

It always helps if we can get as close to the sharp-end of the subject as possible. And this project had a rather auspicious start; with a meeting in the Ceramics gallery in the V&A. Surrounded by her work, Clare Twomey, the ceramicist in residence, gave us a genuine insight into the needs and aims of this project.

Armed with this knowledge, we headed back to our, more humble studio, in sunny Theale. A few weeks later, the result was an easy-to-edit, content manageable website. The research team at the University of Westminster can now publish the essays without any of the traditional CMS hassle. Using Drupal, and a web design from Rouge, the content management of this website became a breeze.


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