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Car Sales Academy

A School for Car Sales Gladiators

The Challenge

Car Sales is a fast moving, highly skilled sales showground, but the most successful individuals in the business are few and far between. Like the gladiators of old they have learnt their skills the hard way – by being out in the arena fighting to survive.

Car Sales Academy is here to change that. It is a school for Car Sales Gladiators. The aim is to take talented people with the potential to succeed and to turn them into seriously skilled car sales people. This could be an educational alternative for a confident school leaver, or a change of career and a new opportunity for a hackneyed photocopy salesman. Car Sales Academy is a new and original concept and they needed an equally new and original brand to bring it to life.

Our Solution

The best branding starts from within and we would normally insist on visiting the organisation and sampling the brand there for ourselves. In this case though the team behind the Academy came to us with the knowledge, passion and skills to launch an idea, but the Academy was most definitely not yet breathing. So we kick started it with caffeine, marker pads and a fistful of Sharpies. A day of working with the team to draw out what this brand could be and why it should exist.

The Result

The result is, as you can see, an original logo marque that could be used as a banner (or a shield) to front this new organisation. A logo and the first steps of a new visual brand that could grow into a symbol of strength that this new army of expertly trained car sales soldiers can stand behind and believe in. Oh, and we made some nice business stationery and a handy set of social media graphics to go with it.