What we did:

Campbell Gordon needed a friendlier and more personable image that reflected their approachable values, but also needed to retain their commercial attitude and heritage. It was a necessary evolution that reflects what customers expect from a business in the modern property world. After a careful critique of their existing logo, there were clear areas to us to investigate in order to evolve the brand. The primary dark blue colour was dated, and the contrast between that and the highlight blue didn’t offer enough contrast to define the logo elements. Colour clearly needed revisiting and a more modern and friendly palette was required. Font’s also held the brand back with a classic (though dated) serif font, some slightly awkward kerning and odd spacing. One clear element that had to retain was the triangle device for which Campbell Gordon was well recognised, and of high priority was how it worked on letting boards.

Before exploring colour options we initially looked at the logo in monochrome, to find a solution that worked in its simplest form. We settled on a weightier variation of a slab-serif font called Modum which retained a feeling of heritage which at the same time echoed modern values.

Colour exploration came next. We were aiming for a palette that ultimately had character and stood out from other agents within the sector, but didn’t lose the high quality service delivered by Campbell Gordon. A sophisticated desaturated purple acted as a base primary colour, and when combined with a vibrant yellow/green created an exciting palette that had personality whilst at the same time had an upmarket feel to it.

The proof of a rebrand is in its use. On letting boards, and up against other agent logos, the new Campbell Gordon stands out and demands attention, as it does in property brochures and online use. The rebrand, along with the website that Rouge also designed, helped to encourage an enquiry about a major project within the weeks following launch.

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