An intuitive multi-lingual responsive website for the market leader in design and manufacture of condensate pumps.

  • Drupal
  • UI/UX
  • Responsive website
  • Database integration
  • Installation videos
  • Global distributor search tool
  • Multiple languages
  • Theme development
  • Support & Training
  • Site and product search

“We are really happy with our new website, which is performing far better than our old one! It has given Aspen a cleaner image that really speaks to our core audience, and gets them to the information and pages they need without any fuss, which was our prime goal. The clarity of the design, the quality of the build has been reflected in a much lower bounce rate.”

Gavin Rampling Group Creative Lead at Aspen Pumps

Javac - Gavin Ramping - Group Creative Lead - Aspen Pumps Group

What we did:

Aspen Pumps saw an opportunity to satisfy the demands of the air conditioning industry by designing innovative and market leading solutions that would meet the needs of the installers. Their after-market pumps are well designed, built to last and easy to install, and therefore trusted by engineers.

In an attempt to bolster their reputation and to become the go-to solution, Aspen asked to Rouge to create a new website that gave the engineers and stockists the information they need easily and without any fuss.

The site was designed to talk to and appeal to their core audience, the air conditioner installers and engineers, highlighting the ease of the pumps installation and reliability. Aspens bold identity and colour scheme provided a striking base for the website design, and the colour of the pump pages echoed the physical brochure and gave each pump page an identity.

It was essential that the site worked simply on mobile devices, allowing installers to quickly find the pump that fits their customers unit, the pump specifications, and where to buy locally. This was achieved via a stepped product filter system that

presented results based on factors such as the air conditioning unit type, environment, space available and air quality. Once the right pump had been selected, installers are given the opportunity to find a local supplier by inputting their desired location and presented with results of stockists, including contact details and locations on a Google map via an API.
Aspens global reach was strengthened with 7 language variations and a more intuitive global distibutor locator, which gives users an easy way of enquiring further and purchasing Aspen products nationally and internationally.

As well as the clarity of design, the quality of the build has been reflected in a much lower bounce rate, with the top ten exit pages all being product pages, and new features such as the Pump Selector are in the top ten viewed pages.


increase in the number of pages per session


decrease in bounce rate


increase in session duration

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