From crime scene to courtroom, Rouge create a new website for leading independent forensic science company

  • Responsive web design
  • Anchored mega-menu
  • Numerical data animation
  • Related content
  • Image manipulation
  • WordPress build
  • Theme development

“Rouge delivered two websites based around a strong concept and message that really helped show the full service that ArroGen offer”

What we did:

ArroGen Forensics approached Rouge to create a single website template that would be flexible enough to be used for two separate websites, ArroGen Forensics and ArroGen Veterinary Forenics. They are leaders in forensic science and have a strong reputation, but require a new website to help create a harmonised web marketing focus, and help further strengthen them as the market leader by promoting the business and experience behind it.

Central to our design and concept was the message. ArroGen offer the full service from initial engagement on crime scene forensics, to providing evidence in the courtroom. We came up with the line ‘From Crime Scene to Courtroom’ which is short but describes perfectly what they do. It also influenced the design by inspiring a split screen layout on the home page with the left half showing a crime scene, and the right half showing the courtroom scene, with the latter imagery retouched in the style of a courtroom sketch.

The site was built in WordPress using a carefully selected blend of plugins and theme options to deliver outstanding flexibility and ease of use. Given the vast amount of services offered by ArroGen, creating a navigation that could accommodate these was a challenge.

This involved some magic to create a separate ‘mega menu’ that anchored itself to the bottom of the home screen, improving the user experience and ensuring users can quickly jump to service groups and individual services of interest, at the click of a button.

The core ArroGen Forensics site was easily adapted for creation of the second veterinary focussed site. Although the courtroom concept wasn’t used for this site, the split screen design remained, and allowed us to use two attention grabbing images.

Important to both sites was getting accross the experince of the team behind ArroGen Forensics and the ArroGen Veterinary Forensics. We created a dedicated section of the website which gave each Expert Witness and Casework Manager a profile page to outline their biography and allow download of their CV. Each Forensic Expertise section also includes links to experts in that particular field.

From crime scene to courtroom

Offering the full range of forensic services

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