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Blue lights. Search and rescue. High stakes. Mission control.

website pages of a company that produces software as situational awareness tools

A clever WordPress website, with outstandingly dramatic imagery.

Airbox create software as situational awareness tools. They have two main products (ACANS and MOSAIC) covering air, land, sea and joint operations. They currently appears as a military tools, but their uses extend beyond this – blue lights, search and rescue, large event, gas and energy – and the website needed to reflect that the business was aiming to grow strongly, and clearly into these other channels.

The customer had a clear vision for the look and feel of the website. Overall, it was to be clean and well presented, with considered and relevant photography overlaid with infographic-type images that help to convey what the Airbox product range can do and achieve for its users. Each situation that the software would be used in is high pressure and high stakes, so we reflected this with a clever use of contrast, lighting, and dark imagery to give the site an edge of drama.

Ultimately, the site needed to encourage further action from potential leads, and help a warm lead to make a decision to contact Airbox. It needed to ‘show and tell’ without giving away any secrets, and act as a conversation starter. Each product featured an introduction, some software shots highlighting key features and capabilities, along with stylised infographics and iconography. Their success and effectiveness was backed up with customer references and case studies (where possible).

It was an efficiently run project, that resulted in a visually exciting and technically well built site (not to mention secure) that could be used as a hub for any online and offline marketing.

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