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The end of the Twitter feed?

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The end of the Twitter feed?

On June 11th Twitter turned off the application interfaced (API) that allowed us to display feeds on websites in a way that we had complete visual control over. Twitter decided that this system put too much strain on their servers, posed an ongoing security risk and didn’t allow them any control over the delivery of sponsored Tweets (aka advertising). Over the last 18 months the Twitter feeds that we’ve embedded into websites have been less than reliable.

Twitter are recommending that we now use their Embedded Timelines to display Tweet feeds. Although we have to use what we’re given in terms look and feel, we do have enough control to make them work visually on your site. The main options we have are: ‘light’ or ‘dark’ variations, width and height of the feed and hyperlink colour. We believe that this minor visual limitation is a small price to pay for getting reliable feeds.

Here's some further reading about Embedded Timelines on the Twitter website: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines.