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Responsive web design

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The spectrum of web enabled devices has expanded massively in recent times. Along with desktop machines we can now browse the web on tablets, phones and notebooks all with a bewildering array of different screen sizes. With the range of screen sizes and resolutions growing every day, designing online content has become an increasingly challenging task.

Today we’re having to design for a medium that has no fixed dimensions. Our online content has to be capable of displaying on tradeshow screens and smartphones and anything in between. Creating a different layout for this endless and growing list of different sized devices is no longer an option.

So, how do we tackle this problem? The answer is Responsive Web Design.

Responsive web design is an approach to web design in which a site is designed and built to provide an optimal viewing experience. The site should be easy to read and navigate with a minimum of resizing, scrolling and panning. This should all be possible from one dynamic layout rather than separate authored versions for different devises. Responsive web design is not a single piece of technology. It’s a set of techniques and ideas that form a whole to fulfil the need for a fluid layout. It combines the skills of creative web design and cutting edge development.

This website is actually a responsive design. Grab the edge of your browser and shrink it down to see what happens.

Responsive Web Design

It’s clear that as time goes on and the number of devices and resolutions increases, responsive web design is becoming a mainstream, standard practice. The web is an increasingly competitive place for business (don’t we hear that a lot!) and statistics tell us that users are less and less tolerant of poorly designed sites. As a cutting edge web design agency Rouge employs the use of creative web design and up-to-the-minute web development technology to help companies create websites of all sizes from campaign microsites to large ecommerce websites.