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New! Tea Decider from Rouge

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Every now and then we get the time to create one of the countless silly ideas that get banded around the studio. This time our creation was born out of necessity. As the team has got bigger so have the inevitable arguments about who's turn it is to make the drinks. Tea Decider is a simple but infallible tool that decides for us. Actually it hasn't stopped any arguments but it does make it easier for everyone else to gang up on the unlucky loser! Who's making your tea?

Tea Decider

Creative web design and robust web development is at the core of everything we do. Tea Decider is another example of the accessible web design and development standards and principles that we use to create effective business tools like sales presentations, eCommerce websites, content management systems, Flash animations, Flash Games, Emailers and many more.

Got any silly web ideas? Send them though and we'll add them to the list (And of course give you a credit if we make them!).