Logo & Brand Identity Design

Your logo is the figurehead of your brand. The identifier by which you stand head and shoulders above the competition. It needs to stand out. And it needs to engage with the hearts and minds of your customers.

Logos and brands your customers will love

At Rouge, we begin any branding or logo design project by asking questions. We get to know your audience. Get into their shoes and understand what will appeal. If you are a start-up company maybe you should look like one? If you are a law firm maybe you should appear as if you have been around forever? Once we understand your audience we can start imagining, exploring, sketching and creating your new logo, or refreshing your current one.

A logo from Rouge will make you look like the company you are striving to become. It’s the branding and design version of dressing for success.

Our designers cannot wait to break out the pencils to start sketching, but before that, we usually host a discovery session. And, like a therapist, ask you to start from the beginning. We will ask questions that may not have been thought about to get right under the skin of your organisation. 

A few rules we follow when creating logos:

  • icon Sketch to explore

    Our initial ideas are first explored with pencil and paper. This tests the concepts, generates ideas and quickly identifies what has potential to be a great logo.

  • icon We design logos to last 100 years

    Not every company will make this auspicious birthday, but if we don’t start out with this as our design intention, then we would never hit the quality required.

  • icon Black & white first

    We first design logos in flat black and white. This tests whether the logo works in its simplest form. If it does not work in black and white, then it isn’t a logo.

  • icon Colour

    Logos that prove themselves with the black and white test are given a splash of colour. This could be well established corporate colours, or something fresh. Colour theories are applied to determine a colour scheme based on the company’s values.

  • icon Test in situ

    An idea sketched on a pad, or created on screen might look fabulous, but how it works, when applied, is the real test of success. We check our logo designs; printed, viewed on-screen, viewed small, viewed big, viewed when standing on a table, and we even view them by surprise (seriously, ask us about it). Your logo needs to be flexible to be used in any number of ways.

close up of hand drawing logo ideas

We have been lucky enough to work with...

"Rouge found a way to retain the crucially important heritage of our brand whilst expressing our modern attitude and ability. Our website now engages us directly with potential clients."

a headshot of a man in a suit

Duncan Campbell
Director at Campbell Gordon

"We now have a fresh identity and a website that strongly represents the values and purpose of the school, helping families to understand our unique offering and the real benefits of a Leighton Park education."

a photo of a man with trees behind him

John Burnett
Director of Marketing Admissions at Leighton Park School

"Rouge’s redesign of our website has given us a much more modern web presence. Clients now regularly comment on how much they like our site and how easy it is for them to find information."

head shot of a man in a suit and glasses

Andrew Delo
Managing Director of Provek

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