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At Rouge, we started off making Flash games for fun, as a way to flex our creative muscles, but they have quickly been proven as a powerful marketing tool. Online games are a great way to create a buzz about your brand. It’s not just about playing and having fun, it is about getting your message across in an engaging and interactive manner. It is the fusion of advertising and entertainment in a Flash game that makes it such a powerful marketing tool. Spread your word - and entertain people on the way.

Your sales presentation is a vital tool in your marketing arsenal, but does it really engage your audience? Most sales presentations are brimming over with facts, graphs, testimonials and bullet points. We have all been on the receiving end of these sleep inducing PowerPoint presentations to know that they could be so much better.

Rouge can get involved right from the start: identify the key messages, advise on how to structure the content, develop the visual design and manage the development and production. Or we can simply give you a PowerPoint makeover. Independent of scale we will ensure your message gets seen, understood and acted on. Integrating unique animations and audio content will make you stand out from your competitors and award it that truly professional and memorable finish.

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