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/ Who are Rouge?

Rouge is a mix of the very best UK designers and developers. It is this combination of visual creativity and technical problem solving, all in one room, that puts us as the right choice for any business that needs a website to seriously perform.

We exist to help transform you into the company you are striving to be.

We find it hard to describe ourselves as a traditional design agency, because we don’t operate in a traditional agency way. Whether we are building a new website, creating an email campaign or crafting a logo we put one thing ahead of any design thought - your business objective.

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/ What does Rouge do?

We combine our visual and marketing skills with a thorough understanding of your objectives, and your audience. We then deliver it through websites, and branding, and emailers, and adverts, etc. Digital marketing materials - all aimed at delivering your business objective.

A website could be beautiful, but if it doesn’t help increase sales, win more bookings, boost membership (or whatever else you need), then it’s not doing its job. Yep, making your products look good is part of the story, but that is not the ultimate reason we are here.

If you are looking for a website that will help you achieve the business success you desire then talk to us first.

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/ Who are Rouge clients?

We work with companies big, small, those just starting out and right up to ones that are globally massive. The common thread with all of our clients is that they are looking to succeed. If you have this aim then all we need is a coffee and a chat to start the process.

We create websites and craft brands for companies that want to crush their competitors into pixel dust.

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/ Why is Rouge the best choice?

Some agencies are good at design. Some are good at coding. We believe we are outstanding at both. Okay, this may sound a little big headed. Except that our 10+ years and over 200 successful websites speaks for itself.

We take ordinary looking business websites and turn them into beautiful works of sales boosting art.

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/ How much does Rouge cost?

In a frame, on our wall, are some words from Ruskin about the law of business. It is a reminder to us in the studio about who we are...

We are not as cheap as a micro-agency, or a freelancer operating from a bedroom. We are also not as expensive as a traditional large agency. Our skills and experience put us way above the former. Our flexibility and lightness of foot make us a far better choice than the latter. As another saying goes - price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

If you’d like to know what your project might cost, send us your brief and we’ll quickly respond with a proposal and estimate.

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/ Where has Rouge come from?

We (Stu and Andy) formed the original vision for Rouge in 2002. Tired with a design world full of high costs, low value and false promises we realised we wanted to create something more honest and direct. The web was an obvious choice as our stage. It offered us every opportunity to do things in a new way. The Rouge way.

Andy spent his early career creating adverts for some of the World’s biggest brands. Meanwhile Stu was hand coding complicated digital business information tools. When the web came along as a serious business opportunity Stu and Andy started making the most of it, and together, created some of the very first business websites and online tools.

This combination of creativity and technical problem solving still runs through the heart of Rouge today.

We get the planning right, put the constraints in place then let our creativity soar. This ensures that all of our ideas, designs and concepts have landing gear as well as wings.

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/ How to start a project with Rouge?

This is the easy bit. Call us, email us, chat with us. Start telling us your online challenges and we'll start dreaming up the solutions.

Use one of these...

/ Call us 0118 930 4245

/ Email us enquiries@rouge-media.com

/ Fill in our project start form

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Contact Telephone

Call us for a chat
0118 930 4245

Give us a call. We are in the office from 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday. We try and finish early on a Friday when we are usually heading off by 4.00pm.

If you need us at any other time then try an email. We’ll get right back to you.

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