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In almost all cases you have booked an exhibition space for one reason - new business. The important thing is that you make the most of this space. Your aim is to get potential customers on to your exhibition stand and talking. This is not necessarily the easiest thing to do where everyone in the exhibition hall is visually shouting for the attention of others. However making a big impact isn’t necessarily about visually being the loudest.

Big graphics are important, but it is clever thinking that gets results. At Rouge we work towards fully understanding your business and matching this with the needs and necessities of your audience. By building a story into your marketing message we ensure your exhibition design stays memorable and compelling in the minds of your audience. We create stand graphics that make you stand out visually and then combine this with support materials that bring the whole event into one joined-up strategy. From bespoke exhibition graphics, to simple pull-up banners and exhibition flyers Rouge will ensure your message gets seen. We will ensure that your message gets seen and heard.

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