Emailer Campaigns

At Rouge, we understand how difficult it is to get your customers to engage with you through email marketing. We also understand that a well-strategised campaign can do wonders in giving you the upper hand over the competition, and prominence amongst the hundreds of emails vying for their attention.

Emailer campaigns

With the average office worker receiving hundreds of emails each day, your customer’s inbox is a busy place. Your marketing email is at risk of being scrolled past, or worse, purged with the dozens of other emails – offering them ‘for a limited time only’ offers on products and services that are apparently ‘perfect’ for them – straight into the bin.

It is no good just having an attractive email design, it needs to be opened first. That is where a well thought out email campaign shines. While skimming through their inbox, they will be catching glimpses of the email titles and here is your first opportunity to get their attention. Don’t waste this opportunity with a weak message.

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Rouge emailer campaigns are lead-generating and sales-building digital wonders.

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We have assumed that you have created a targeted email list and identified your recipient as someone who has expressed an interest in your product/service, now you need to snare them with the perfect marketing email campaign. This is made up of four key ingredients:

  • icon Clever copywriting From the email subject to the email content, the copywriting needs to be engaging, relevant and brief. At Rouge, we are as skilled in crafting words as we are with images.
  • icon Interesting imagery An appropriate graphic or image quickly helps the recipient identify whether the email subject matter is right for them, and even whether your company is right. The perfect image will maintain their interest and encourage them to read on.
  • icon Call-to-actions What do you want the recipient to do after they have read the email? Is the follow on action clear, meaningful and clickable? By this, we mean have you kept their interest, given them what they want and are they compelled to go further with the engagement. A Rouge emailer will do this.
  • icon Email campaigns A single email is rarely going to work. A campaign needs to be thought about over weeks or maybe months and may involve a hatful of crafted messages before ultimately engaging them.
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And just one more thing…

Whatever your chosen CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System, we can do the strategy, craft the messaging, design the pretty stuff, and bring it all together with clever development to ultimately create you a lead-generating and effective email campaign that simply works. 

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We also have the ability to do all of this stuff:

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