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Although we are seasoned experts with several powerful Content Management Systems, Drupal is our oldest friend. We have been designing, developing and supporting Drupal websites and web applications since 2009, way back with Drupal Version 6.

Drupal website on tablet and mobile screens
Drupal website on tablet and mobile screens

We build powerful and highly tuned Drupal websites and web applications

Over the last 10+ years as a Drupal agency, we have built beautiful and secure websites and web apps for businesses, public sector and not-for-profit organisations.

  • An Elearning system for a supercar manufacturer
  • Bespoke applications for a mapping data company
  • A course search and booking system for a large community college
  • Content repositories for a government body
  • A new-recruit on-boarding website for Europe’s largest arts university
  • Recruitment functionality for a global IT company
  • Marketing websites for all sorts of organisations large and small


What makes Drupal the best choice for my project?

Out of the box, Drupal is more of a content management platform – A highly extensible framework that provides a solid foundation for more enterprise sites and complex projects. 

Drupal is suited to web projects that have:

  • Integrations, like external databases and information management systems. Complex integrations are easier to build, are more reliable and more scaleable with Drupal. 
  • Large user bases, where login is required and granular levels of access control to content is needed.  Drupal has always been best in class when it comes to user control.
  • Bespoke functionality. There are now plenty of technologies and frameworks that allow for the easy build of web applications, but Drupal can hold its head up when it comes to complex, functional websites, especially if it the site takes advantage of some of the other main benefits in this list. 
  • Large and complex content needs like a publishing platform or a university course catalogue. Drupal’s powerful taxonomy, combined with its scalability and user control makes large and complex content sites easy to manage.


Why do we choose Drupal for our clients?

Rouge web Developers like Drupal because it provides more freedom and flexibility. And being the authors of the code gives us more control over security and performance. The end result is a powerful and highly tuned website or application that achieves the organisation’s goals and continues to be both robust and flexible. That is why we are a Drupal agency. 

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Rouge have been a Drupal agency for 10+ years. Clients often come to us to rescue their stalled projects to help get them back on track.

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The current version of Drupal is version 8. With Drupal 9 is on its way in 2020 and Drupal 7 still commonly used, website owners that speak with us are often confused about which version to use and how best to future-proof their sites. Drupal’s upgrade philosophy has been to create a clean break from the old version, but this makes upgrading impossible without a full rebuild. Rebuilding your website from scratch each time can be a headache.

Rouge is here to help you decide on the best approach to your content management platform. Our multi-disciplined, in-house Drupal web development team will offer our significant experience to help you develop your requirements and make sure that your CMS is right for you, for now, and for the future.

Please note that we are not currently taking on new Drupal web development or support work. We will review this decision later this year, when we can properly review Drupal 9. Right now WordPress is the heavyweight content management system of choice for our clients. Please have a look at some of the fabulous work we have been doing with the WordPress CMS.

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