Data Retention Policy

Date updated: 31/05/2023



This Data Retention Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for the retention and disposal of client data collected and processed by Rouge Media Ltd. (referred to as “the Agency”). The policy ensures compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.


This policy applies to all client data collected, processed, and stored by the Agency, regardless of the format or medium in which it is stored, including electronic and physical records.

Data Retention Principles

The Agency adheres to the following principles regarding the retention of client data:

Necessity: Client data will only be retained for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected or as required by applicable laws and regulations.
Lawful Basis: The retention of client data will be based on a lawful basis, such as contractual necessity, legal obligations, or legitimate interests.
Data Minimization: The Agency will minimize the retention of client data and regularly review and delete unnecessary or outdated information.

Retention Periods

The retention periods for client data will be determined based on the following considerations:

Legal Requirements: The Agency will comply with applicable laws and regulations that specify retention periods for certain types of data. The legal department or legal advisors will provide guidance on the specific retention periods applicable to our industry and jurisdiction.
Contractual Obligations: The Agency will retain client data for the duration specified in contractual agreements or service-level agreements with clients.
Business Purposes: The retention period will be determined based on the business purpose for which the data was collected. The Agency will retain client data for as long as necessary to fulfill the intended purpose, including ongoing client support, project management, or account maintenance.
User Consent: If client data is processed based on explicit consent, the Agency will retain the data in accordance with the agreed-upon retention period specified in the consent.
Statute of Limitations: The Agency will retain client data for a reasonable period, as required by the applicable statute of limitations, to protect its legal interests.

Data Disposal

Upon the expiration of the retention period or when client data is no longer necessary for the intended purpose, the Agency will securely dispose of the data. Disposal methods may include permanent deletion or destruction, ensuring that the data is irreversibly rendered unreadable and unrecoverable.

Data Retention Review

The Agency will periodically review and assess its data retention practices to ensure compliance with evolving legal requirements and industry standards. The review will consider changes in applicable laws, contractual obligations, and business needs.

Records of Retention and Disposal

The Agency will maintain accurate records documenting the retention and disposal of client data. These records will include information such as the types of data, retention periods, disposal methods, and responsible parties.

Employee Training and Awareness

All employees who handle client data will receive training on this data retention policy and the associated procedures. They will be made aware of their responsibilities regarding data retention and disposal.

Policy Review

This Data Retention Policy will be reviewed and updated as necessary to ensure ongoing compliance with applicable laws and regulations.