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At Rouge, we love what we do, but being able to make a measurable difference to the operational effectiveness and bottom line of charity and nonprofit organisations, makes our jobs all the more rewarding.

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Our websites help good causes maximise their limited resources and focus on what's important.

Charity and nonprofit, like nearly all other sectors, demand that every penny is spent wisely, especially when it comes to its marketing and operations. Often a website has more than one job to do, and this is especially true for this sector. We will often look at operations within the organisation to see if there is a saving to be made or an opportunity to be had by applying better technology or more streamlined processes. 

Within the first two months after launching a new website for The British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA), we managed to increase the member sign-up rate by 29%. But more importantly, we significantly reduced operations costs by removing the need for BOPA to use their secretariat by providing a website to manage member sign-ups and payment.  

We understand that teams within charities are often multi-disciplined, time-poor, or both. We design and build content management interfaces and workflow processes that maximise the precious resources of the ‘digital’ team. With our customer support team on hand, you will always have access to a helping hand, whether that’s CMS support or digital marketing advice. 

Your organisation doesn’t have to be a charity to benefit from the Rouge approach to operations optimisation. Drop us a line or send us a brief to start the conversation.

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"Rouge were brilliant to work with. Knowledgeable, understood the project, and they worked together as a team, as well as with us. The website is fantastic and is everything we needed."

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Netty Cracknell
Secretary and digital lead at BOPA

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