Branding & Brand Positioning

Your brand is more than just a logo. It is the way your company is perceived by your employees, investors, clients and prospects. If you don’t craft, curate and manage your brand everyone will do it for you – making up their own minds. Brand positioning is therefore vital to delivering commercial success.

Identifying the soul of your organisation

Understanding, and then communicating ‘Why’ your organisation exists is probably the most beneficial thing you can do towards delivering effective marketing. Having a tangible reason behind what you do will appeal directly to the trust and fidelity of your audience. In other words, your brand is what people say about you when you have left the room.

If you would like trusting and loyal customers (and who wouldn’t?), then a brand and positioning exercise from Rouge could be the perfect solution for discovering and telling the story of your organisation’s soul.

Complex messages made simple and compelling

Buying branding is a little like buying string – how much do you need? Our brand discovery workshops are created bespoke for each client’s specific needs. A branding workshop from Rouge would typically include the following…

  • icon Research and homework

    Before we get started, we need to know what you already know about your branding. We’ll interview you, set you some homework and host a pre-workshop questionnaire to establish your current brand status and messaging.

  • icon A discovery workshop

    Rouge will host and run a 3-4 hour roundtable meeting. Using the results of the research we work with you to uncover your brand story. This includes discovering your Values, a Positioning Statement, Go To Market messaging, brand architecture. And more.

  • icon A brand positioning advert

    Taking the story we have developed from the workshop, we explore how this turns into marketing materials by creating a brand positioning advert. Old-fashioned billboard advertising is marketing in its simplest and most effective form. We provide you with an advert design that uses your positioning statement in a visual format – selling the essence of your business. This is the origin-code for all other advertising and sales promotion.

Rouge designers working together

Why choose Rouge?

Rouge meets the needs of modern business. We go out of our way to create websites and branding that achieve business success for our customers. We deliver websites and design that exceed the high standards demanded by our customers - across strategic, compliance, security and performance.

Process Driven Quality Assurance

We are an ISO9001 accredited agency. We have a recognised Quality Management System that helps us consistently meet and exceed customer requirements.

Government CyberEssentials Certified

We understand the importance of protecting your data and your customers' data by not leaving security to chance.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and our NPS (Net Promoter Score) shows we're doing a pretty good job at it.

18 Years and Growing Strong

From the early days of kitchen tables and coffee shops, Rouge has flourished into a compact and highly capable digital design agency. Our aim is simple; to consistently deliver websites and brands that matter.

We ♡ WordPress

Our clients love WordPress, and so do we. As a WordPress design and development agency, we eat, sleep and dream about WordPress - it’s what produces beautiful and powerful websites for our clients, time after time.

Wirehive Top 50

We don't take gongs too seriously, but it's always nice to be recognised for hard work, creativity and innovation.

"We are really happy with our new website, which is performing far better than our old one! It has given Aspen a cleaner image that really speaks to our core audience, and gets them to the information and pages they need without any fuss, which was our prime goal. The clarity of the design, the quality of the build has been reflected in a much lower bounce rate."

Gavin Rampling profile picture

Gavin Rampling
Group Creative Lead at Aspen Pumps

"Rouge were brilliant to work with. Knowledgeable, understood the project, and they worked together as a team, as well as with us. The website is fantastic and is everything we needed."

lady with glasses in red top and blazor

Netty Cracknell
Secretary and digital lead at BOPA

"The Junction has seen ticket sales increase, and more visitors are returning to the website and Junction venues. Good Job Rouge!"

Ed Hine
Marketing & Communications Manager

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