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Rouge is a Digital Design Agency specialising in all forms of digital creativity, serving the whole of the UK, but especially London and the South East / Central UK. One of the main reasons for the majority of our customers being in these areas is that of pricing, many companies that are based in / near London, being unwilling / unable to pay the price the WordPress agencies actually in London want to charge.

Bespoke wordpress websites
Bespoke WordPress websites

WordPress and Drupal Developers near London

Besides WordPress, we also build websites using Drupal and can, if needed produce code from the very bottom up, although this can be an expensive route to take. When our customers require an Ecommerce site, we can provide them with various alternative suggestions, all with their own benefits and costs. For example, Drupal is a far ‘safer’ bet than WordPress when it comes down to security issues / the ability to deal with a lot of traffic, as the code uses less server processing time and it is harder to hack.

Also, like Mac’s and PC’s, hackers tend to target the biggest ‘pool’ of sites, and, as there are far more WordPress sites than Drupal ones, they tend to get hit far more often. The plug ins that WordPress use can also cause a lot of problems as some are not well enough protected against hackers and this can lead to intrusions.

Marketing Your WordPress Site

However, at Rouge, we also understand that having a website is not just about the design, it is also being necessary to create content that will both gain good rankings on the Search Engines, whilst also engaging with visitors, converting them to customers (which could mean getting them to fill in a contact form, signing up for a newsletter, downloading a PDF, or buying some goods) whenever possible.

Repurposing and Creating Content

Creating fresh content all the time is quite a task, but the good news is that you in many cases you can repurpose old content and either place this on your site, or place it on other sites around the web, thus gaining an all import back link.

There are quite a few methods that allow you to take some existing content from your site /  blog and transform it into something entirely different. This is important as whilst many like to peruse blog entries, some like to assimilate information in a different way. So, if you want to get the best out of your site, you need to give your visitors what they want / need.

Repurposing content not only saves you the effort and time that its creation takes, it also allows you to contact and engage with those visitors that need things explained / covered in a different way. For example, whilst some people like to trawl through lots of words, others like to see the information / story told in the form of an Infographic, while others prefer to look at videos or powerpoint style presentations, or listen to podcasts.

Another good point about repurposing content is that it allows you to bring that old content up to date, telling the reader what has changed and what that means to them, and the subject as a whole.


Whilst not actually being on your site, Slideshare is an extraordinary way of presenting PDF’s, white papers and other documents and then allowing the power LinkedIn’s SlideShare stage to make sure that they get some important extra exposure. Slideshare allows you to:-

  • Transform PowerPoint slides and PDF’s into smooth and expert content
  • Ensure greater visibility for your brand by enhancing it with keywords, in the title, labels, and in your slides
  • Utilize images and pictures to put across your message
  • Get more business by incorporating a strong call to action (best at the end of your SlideShare presentation).

Infographics for your WordPress Site

First, what is an infographic? The simple answer is that  the process takes a standard page or blog entry and transforms it into an image (with words in) that puts across the content in a visual form. In many cases, an infographic is a superior way of showing or imparting information.

How can you repurpose your old blog entries or pages into infographics.

This is especially useful when a new site is being created (whether this is in WordPress or Drupal) as you can not only use the old ‘wordy’ content on the site, but can also convert this into an Infographic, perhaps updating it at the same time.

In such instances, you not only get some new content, but are also of course creating a way of connecting with a totally different set of visitors. One important thing to bear in mind though is the style of infographic, it being important that this ties in with your brand, so please discuss the matter with the team at Rouge before being too quick to place an Infographic on your site.


Again, this is content that won’t be directly on your site (although you could imbed a replay of the live webinar on the site or on YouTube / Vimeo.  Webinars are a popular way of repurposing your old content, it being more than possible to ‘say the same thing in a different way’. Following this path allows you to not only have the Webinar on your site, but also perhaps the script, which of course means more words (and you can be sure that Google will love that). Webinars are also known to drive traffic to your web pages and thus produce more leads and deals for your business.


What are Videographics then?  Fundamentally they are the same as infographics, but instead of being a static image, are a stream of computer manipulated images that put across an idea in a slightly different way.

This has led to an upsurge in the number of Videographers offering services today, but it seems as they are getting more popular, so they are getting more expensive to employ, so be careful when considering how to use this methodology, as in some cases some pretty good results can be created using some quite simple to use software.

Also, remember to transfer your videographics (and videos) to YouTube as this will not only potentially get you more exposure, it could also give your site a boost, Google ‘liking’ sites that embed videos from YouTube.


If you are based in or near London and are in the market for a WordPress developer or designer, then please do consider contacting Rouge. Check out our case studies and portfolio and see for yourself why dealing with Rouge is such a great idea.

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