Why Source Code Matters For SEO.

At Rouge we take the marketing of our clients sites very seriously, and in many cases that means SEO. In other words we have to make sure that the sites we build don’t only look great, are easy to navigate and ‘do their job’ of putting the right message across, but also that they are ‘liked’ by the Search Engines. And that means building them the right way using the correct HTML code.

source code is important for SEO

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SEO article by Search Engine Watch

No matter how many SEO tools you use, you will eventually end up staring at the source code of a website. There’s not a single audit I’ve completed during my career where I haven’t been neck deep in the site’s code at some point.

If you know what you’re looking at, and what might seem off, you can nip SEO problems in the bud. On the flip side, if you miss those harmful pieces of code, and leave them unattended, you leave the site in question open to SEO damage. And that’s never a good thing.
What Can You Find in the Source Code?

The more appropriate question is, “What can’t you find?” The more audits I complete, the more code I end up analyzing, and the more I understand the importance of picking up problems that can impact SEO. The right implementation of various tags, scripts, etc. is critically important.

Whenever I present an audit, I always explain the importance of having a clean and crawlable website. And that includes making sure you aren’t throwing the search engine bots for a loop (which happens often).

When presenting some of the problems you can pick up, most clients have no idea that those issues were present on the site. And that includes people on the marketing team, design team, and even the development team (in certain situations). Nobody is perfect, and the wrong code can easily slip through to production.
8 Examples of What You Can Find

Below are eight examples of what you can find in the source code of a website that can impact your SEO efforts. And these little gremlins can cause big SEO problems.

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