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As we get closer to the end of 2014, the ideas about what will be ‘hot’ in 2015 start to appear. Of course no one knows exactly what is coming and what will take off, but we can be sure of two things. One that the use of Mobile Devices of all types will grow and, Two, the more and more will be spend online, something that is causing some big companies to get worried that their Web infrastructure (servers etc) will be up to the task.

We started having a look around to see what some of the trends might be, and found this interesting post. You may well come across some new terms like ‘Ghost Buttons’ and ‘Microinteractions’ but we are sure that you will find it a good read:-

The end of the year is coming and that means your inbox will be flooded with “best of” and “trending” posts. I know, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving. BUT, when it comes to what’s trending, you don’t want to be caught trying to plan big changes at the last minute. Coming from a compulsive procrastinator, trust me when I say this never ends well!

Before we dive into my predictions for the top website design trends to watch in 2015, I’ll start by summing up key trends that emerged in 2014. I can do it in one word.


Web design this past year was all about stripped out the pizzazz and focusing on design that will maximize visitor to lead conversions. It was all about being simple, quick and to the point. I don’t see web design taking a radically different turn this year. In 2015, websites will continue to be simplified, continue to put the focus on responsiveness and dictate the way the user interacts with onpage content.

Building on the concept of simplicity, here are seven trends to watch in the coming year.

1. Responsive

This isn’t a new one and shouldn’t come as a suprise. I think responsive web design has now officially been on the list for the past three years. Responsive design is now expected and if your site isn’t responsive, you need a redesign. Add it in to your marketing budget now and plan for how it will impact your search engine optimization strategy.

Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t creating your website just for phones, tablets and desktops anymore. In 2015, businesses need to have websites that work well on the aforementioned devices plus smart watches, TVs, home appliances and even cars, to name a few. I’m sure the list of devices that can stream content from the web will be even longer in a year. The bottom line? The responsive world we knew in 2014 is rapidly expanding.

If your site is already responsive, kudos! But, you aren’t out of the woods quite yet. To accomodate these new devices – specifically smart watches – the responsive navigation structure we are all used to will need to change. This rollout won’t be fast. By the end of 2015, we should start to see solutions emerging.

2. Ghost Buttons

Yes, I selfishly added this trend to the list. Ghost buttons are my new favorite web element. Why? Because they are classy. Ghost buttons are the Holly Golightly of buttons – minimal, attractive, and, more often than not, they incorporate a very subtle hover animation. These buttons are enough to make any designer swoon. Want to see what they look like? Check out this Tumblr blog all about ghost buttons.

Not only are ghost buttons gorgeous, they have a practical application in that they are the best option for calls to action being implemented over top of large background images and video.

3. Flat Design

I’ve blogged in the past about the benefits of flat design and conversions. Don’t expect this trend to disappear in 2015. Quite possibly the biggest trend of 2014 is only going to gain momentum in 2015.

Why? Two reasons…first, it’s how we consume content. Since flat design is so focused on minimalist principals, sites appear clutter-free and content focused. Second, it’s how we access content. Flat design is less clunky and much easier for a web server to deliver to devices like mobile phones and tablets.

It’s a perfect marriage of form and function.

(There is more covering Scrolling, Images, Typography and Microinteractions on the full article)

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