Web Design Principles – CSS Classes & IDs

Have you ever wanted to know a bit more about what goes into creating a website, all that stuff about coding etc? Well if so this lovely little video, one of a series of videos created to help students in their studies, could be really useful to you.

It covers some of the aspects of CSS's thats 'Cascading Style Sheets' to you. These are a vital part of any website design, making the whole site easier to amend and to build, but they do take some mastering, as this video shows.

The video also covers the interesting aspect of web design principles, so as I say, it makes for a good 'read'.

At Rouge of course, we know all this, our team of experienced web designers and developers being ready and waiting to create that brand new website for your business, but we thought you might like a look at some of the 'nuts and bolts' involved….

Enjoy !!

Web Design Principles – CSS Classes & IDs


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