Using social media to gain trust

Social media is now an important part of most online marketing campaigns and it has many facets. It can be used to promote brand, communicate with customers and to gain trust among other things. Becoming a trusted brand is usually an important goal for most companies and by  making use of social media, this can be achieved. Take a look at this guide to help you get the most out of it.

Social Media Marketing: Building Consumer Trust image screen shot 2013 03 21 at 16 40 26 1Social media marketing works, at least in part, because brand messages gain objectivity when shared by your friends through social networks. In order for that de-commercialization to occur, consumers must trust the brand messages. That’s why word of mouth and public relations are so much more powerful — they appear objective and thus, trustworthy.

But, a new study by Forrester Research shows consumer distrust is high in both the US and EU when it comes to social media.

Gaining consumer trust in social media

As you can see in the chart, consumers trust still trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other type of communication about brands. And the more control brands have over those messages, the less trust consumers have in the message. The more disruptive and less valuable the communication, the less trust consumers have in the message. So, all those text messages, banner ads on websites and mobile apps, company emails and sponsored messages from Google and, now, Facebook, don’t pass the sniff test with consumers in much of the world.

Consumers learned over the years that brands lie. Brands exaggerate their performance and fudge test results to favor the brand. No wonder consumers don’t trust what brands say.  Read more at

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