Twitter Marketing: It’s all a part of a successful Online presence

There is no doubt that Twitter is a force in the Online World, one that is used by millions to communicate the interesting and the banal, as well as some unsavoury types who use it to threaten and abuse. However, it also has an important function in the business world, one as a way of reaching out and contacting customers and keeping them happy (as well as dealing with them when they are unhappy, and putting things right as best as you can). This is an increasingly important part of business life today, and all businesses need at least to assess what they should be doing on Social Media.

The other important issue with Twitter is the way that it is being used by Google when deciding what to show in its rankings. Here there are two things to consider. One is that actual Tweets will start appearing on Mobile Searches soon, so Tweeting on the right subject could get you noticed that way. But the real thing to bear in mind is the fact that Google is taking more and more interest in the way in which people interact with a site or brand on Social Media.

This is all a part of SEMANTIC SEO, something that we have been mentioning over the past months, due to it’s increased level of importance. Here, all businesses must strive to get noticed and be ‘talked about’ (hopefully in a good way, although some firms have managed to get a lot of discussion going by being controversial), as by doing this, Google will think that there must be something interesting going on and therefore be more likely to include the site in its lists for any relevant term.

So, this post and its associated vidoes (see them by visiting the main article) looks a great read.

Do you use Twitter for your business?

Want to discover how to use the latest Twitter updates?

To learn more about Twitter marketing, I interview Joel Comm.

The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.

In this episode I interview Joel Comm, a serial entrepreneur and the author of 12 books. His latest project is an apparel brand you can find at Joel’s latest book is Twitter Power 3.0: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time.

In this episode Joel will explore new updates to Twitter, along with video, his favorite apps and more.

You’ll discover how to use Twitter more effectively.

Twitter Marketing

How Joel got involved with Twitter

Joel, who has been building businesses online since 1995, likes to explore different technology and new ways to communicate. Twitter and microblogging interested Joel, since he had already been blogging for several years.

Twitter Power

Twitter Power by Joel Comm.

In May 2007 Joel posted his first tweet. “In true, first-tweet form, it was utterly forgettable,” Joel recalls. “I think it was something like ‘Trying to figure out what this Twitter thing is.’”

That was about it, until six months later, when Joel gave Twitter another try. He looked more closely, and decided Twitter was a cool platform for engagement. Sometime in 2008, after Joel accumulated about 5,000 followers, a friend told him John Wiley & Sons was looking for somebody to write a book on how to use Twitter for business. They connected and hit it off. The first edition of Twitter Power came out in February 2009.

At the time, many were still trying to figure out Twitter, which posed the question, “What are you doing?”

“We began to realize the heart of social media is about sharing life, relationships, the journey that we are on together,” Joel says. “It’s the points of commonality that we have in many of these mundane activities … that bring us closer together. Therein lies the power of Twitter to connect people.”

An organic tweeter, Joel uses and the Twitter app on his phone. For those who like to consolidate and schedule tweets, he recommends tools like SocialOomph and Hootsuite.

Listen to the show to hear both of our initial thoughts on Twitter.

How the retweeting process has changed

In the past if people wanted to retweet something, they would have to take all of the original tweet’s text, copy it and put “RT” in front of it. They could only comment if there was any space left in the 140 characters.

Joel believes Twitter finally realized that when people want to retweet, they have something they want to say about it. So now, if you want to retweet, you can quote that tweet and still have 116 additional characters left to add to it.

See this post on Twitter Marketing: How Smart Marketers Are Succeeding. It first appeared on Social Media Examiner.
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