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At Rouge we understand the power of Social Media, and know it can affect Google rankings, the level of traffic and sales, whilst also having a huge impact on any brand.

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The biggest issue with Social Media is the amount of time it takes to do it properly, especially if you are trying to maintain a presence on multiple social media platforms.

Of course, you can automate things to a degree and can use software to ‘assist’ in getting more likes and shares, but both of these methods do not deliver what you want, that being people who genuinely ‘like’ your company and the products and services that it provides.

It goes without saying that you need to have a good website and a good product/service if you are going to impress people, but conversely, having these alone will not guarantee success, any business having to market itself and make sure that people know about it as well.

Today, marketing means, for most businesses, having to use SEO, PPC and Social Media to ‘advertise’ what they have to offer.

Social Media the Most Time Consuming of All

Of all of these three channels, Social Media (done properly) is by far the most time consuming, so when we came across this blog we thought we’d better share it.

For the full article on Social Media Marketing please click the link.

10 Time-Saving Tools for Managing Your Social Media Following

Keeping up with emerging social media networks is challenging. It’s easy to feel like you’re spreading yourself thin.

That said, maintaining a healthy social media following on all of your networks is even more challenging. You can’t help but want more followers, but if you’re going to extreme lengths just to build up that number with empty names and faces, it’s not worth the time and resources. After all, effective engagement occurs with real, interested followers, not eggs and inactive accounts.

If you want to streamline your following and uncover analytics that can be used to refine your strategy, you need the right set of tools. Ones that actually work.  

To help, I’ve collected 10 tools that can help you keep on top of your social media following. All the tools vary in price and network specificity, so you’re sure to find something that meets your team’s unique needs.

1) Crowdfire
Price: Free
Applicable network(s): Twitter & Instagram

Crowdfire started with a simple desire that many Twitter users had: an easier way to manage your followers.

Nobody likes when someone follows you, only to unfollow you later to improve their follower to following ratio, am I right? It starts to feel like a vanity game.

Luckily, Crowdfire has created a tool to help you identify relevant users to follow — like ones in your industry, or people who are interested in competitors. In doing so, it’s become much easier to build a more meaningful audience.


2) Commun.it
Price: Starts at $9.99/month
Applicable network(s): Twitter

Commun.it’s main premise is that not all Twitter followers are the same. It’s worth it to find “high value” followers — people who are more likely to connect with your brand. The tool allows users to quickly and easily filter through all of the noise on Twitter so they can prioritize the interactions that really matter.


3) FollowerWonk
Price: Free for personal use, $99/month for Pro
Applicable network(s): Twitter

There is often key information about people in their Twitter bios that can be used to learn more about them. These short introductions to a person’s Twitter feed aim to distill the purpose of their Twitter existence into 160 characters. Often times, these bios are even search engine optimized.

FollowerWonk helps you take advantage of those optimized bios and find the people who want to be found.


4) SimplyMeasured
Price: Starts at $500/month
Applicable network(s): All

This social analytics tool has been designed with brand marketers and social teams in mind … and it shows. SimplyMeasured’s platform helps give businesses of all sizes more advanced insights into their social media — from the major networks like Facebook to smaller networks like Vine.

These insights can then be used to build out successful programs and strategies that draw in the right audience.


5) Social Quant
Price: $50/month for single user account
Applicable network(s): Twitter

Social Quant’s claim to fame is having one of the best auto-follow algorithms out there. While autofollowing without intent can dilute your audience and make them less invested in your brand, Social Quant’s algorithm is designed to find only the best people out there to follow. Here’s more on what the tool does:


6) Iconosquare
Price: Premium starts at $199/month
Applicable network(s): Instagram

Considering Instagram has only recently begun to widely incorporate functions specifically to businesses, the landscape of third-party platforms around the photo sharing app is a bit sparse. That said, Inconosquare is one of the most robust of those available.

The tool gives users the ability to track follower growth, the unfollow rate, and how many reciprocal followers they have.


7) Tweepi
Price: $7.49/month
Applicable network(s): Twitter

Getting rid of the unfollowers is pretty easy for Twitter tools nowadays, as it’s a common tactic for refining your base. However, there are some accounts that are following back that you probably don’t want. Sure, they make the follower count look great, but if they’re an unengaged bunch, it’s an empty number and it’s not helping your ROI in the end.

Tweepi helps you identify dormant accounts and flush them out. And, if there’s someone who’s blatantly offensive in your audience and you want to get rid of them, you can with Tweepi by forcing them to unfollow you.


8) Social Inbox
Price: Included in all of HubSpot’s plans starting at $200/month
Applicable network(s): Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin & Google+

Social media brings a human element back to marketing. Each platform provides businesses with an opportunity to interact, build relationships, and learn from those they follow … but it can get noisy. HubSpot’s Social Inbox App gives users the tools they need to manage their day-to-day interactions and engagement in a way that makes sense.


9) ManageFlitter
Price: Free, starts at $12/month for business accounts
Applicable network(s): Twitter

One of the biggest challenges of social media, and especially Twitter, is finding out when people are online and looking at your content. ManageFlitter has a built in tool to take the guesswork completely out of finding when your followers are online.


10) Likeable Hub
Price: Free, premium plans start at $19.99/month after free trial
Applicable network(s): Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Managing social media can be a grind, and it takes time. No matter what tricks you have, nothing beats good content. Likeable Hub is all about helping businesses provide great content, and promote it effectively.

With customizable, industry-specific content, it makes for your business to attract a qualified following — one that sees the value in your messages. The content is particularly meaningful because it’s not auto-generated, but instead carefully curated by real people.


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