The Most Popular Influencer Marketing Posts of 2016 by TopRank Marketing

The Wikipedia definition for Influencer Marketing is:-

Influencer marketing (also influence marketing) is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

Influencer content may be framed as testimonial advertising where they play the role of a potential buyer themselves, or they may be third parties. These third parties exist either in the supply chain (retailers, manufacturers, etc.) or may be so-called value-added influencers (such as journalists, academics, industry analysts, professional advisers, and so on).

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If you have been watching the BBC Apprentice series, you will have noticed that one of the candidates,  Jessica Cunningham, was planning to use this methodology to gain sales, the idea being that she would pay celebrities to wear her clothing and hence get people to buy her products. You may also have remembered that she did not win, one of the reasons being that such a system of increasing sales gets very expensive. BUT, in a competitive world, getting well known people to say how good your products or services does indeed work.

The question is, who should you get to act as an influencer for your products? That is not an easy question to answer and choosing the right people to work with can take some time.

We found this post and thought we’d share it with you (you’ll need to see this post on influencer marketing for the full story, so click the link) as at Rouge we know that creating a GREAT web presence is just a part of the story when it comes to Online Business Success!


The Most Popular Influencer Marketing Posts of 2016 by TopRank Marketing

If you’re a marketer and haven’t been living on another planet for the past few years, influencer marketing is a term that you’re familiar with. The increasing popularity of influencer marketing has brought every person out of the woodwork sharing their “expertise” and trying their hand at building a program.

In fact, 84% of marketers plan to run influencer marketing programs within the next year. If you fall into that 84% or have already kicked off your influencer marketing initiative, there are some things you need to know.

First and foremost, you need to have a strategy for your influencer marketing program. That strategy should include building relationships with influencers that have mutual interests, audiences and goals.

At TopRank Marketing we have been developing and implementing influencer driven content programs for our clients for many years. We have used that experience (and the expertise of other influencers) to develop the posts below.

Top Influencer Marketing Posts of 2016

[eBook] Influencer Engagement: 15 Ways to Fail & 25 Ways to Win

The internet is full of fails for almost any topic. Sometimes the misfortune is a funny one, and other times it is not. In today’s world, there is nothing funny about failing at influencer marketing. So many brands have tried (and failed) to implement a successful influencer program. This eBook provides 15 fails, and 25 wins to help your team create a more successful approach to influencer marketing.

#2 – Is Your Influencer Marketing Program Not Effective? Here’s Why

The core of influencer marketing is building a relationship to ensure mutual value creation. @Konstanze Click To Tweet

If you’re just starting or smack dab in the middle of an influencer marketing initiative, take some time to slow down and find your focus. Ultimately, a successful program will take time, and focus on the relationships and value created with influencers.

#3 – How B2B Companies are Winning Hearts & Minds with Influencer Content

Influencer marketing is the practice of developing relationships to create mutual value. @leeodden Click To Tweet

Today’s customer journey isn’t quite as predictable as marketers would like. Because it is unpredictable, marketers need to find a new (and better) way to connect with customers no matter where they are in their journey. This presentation from Lee Odden takes a dive into how to incorporate influencers into your content strategy.

#4 – 5 Dangerous Myths About Influencer Marketing – Busted!

Some influencer marketing advice is good, some is suspect and plenty is pure mythology. @leeodden Click To Tweet

When new trends (like influencer marketing) begin to emerge, you’ll find that nearly everyone you know claims to be an expert. To uncover the truth about influencer marketing, TopRank Marketing CEO polled marketing industry leaders and experts from the UK who help bust some dangerous myths.

#5 – 5 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Grow Your B2B Company

Justifying resources to manage influencer relationships starts by fully understanding the value.… Click To Tweet

Influencer marketing can take on many forms, and provide many benefits for brands if implemented correctly. If brands focus on including influencers in their marketing for campaigns only, there is a lot of value left on the table. This post provides 5 helpful influencer marketing tips specifically for B2B marketers.

#6 – Influencer Content Marketing: The Art of Relationships & the Science of Software

Everyone is influential about something. @leeodden Click To Tweet

There truly is an art to implementing a long-term influencer marketing program. Relationships with influencers must be built over time and special attention spent on creating value for those influencers. TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden has many years of experience working with influencers, and being a marketing influencer himself. In this post you’ll find some powerful insights into what works.

#7 – What is Influencer Marketing? Definitions, Examples, and Resources

At its most effective, influencer marketing serves a purpose for everyone involved. @NiteWrites Click To Tweet

Countless complexities exist within the world of influencer marketing. If you’re new to the whole concept or just need a little refresher, this post is a very robust resource filled with examples of influencer marketing done right.

Take Your Time with Influencer Marketing

It’s important to remember that developing an influencer marketing program is not a race. Brands are better off taking their time and finding the RIGHT influencers to help advance their business goals.

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