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Having a prominent online presence is vital for businesses these days and making sure that your website is accessible and is navigable is essential. A good website is easy to navigate and is a pleasure for the visitor to use and will encourage them to come back in the future. Of course it is now becoming more common for people to use their mobile devices to surf the net so any business that has not adapted its site could be missing out on a serious amount of business. So, how do you go about testing your website? Here are some useful articles to help you.

You may have developed your website using an expensive “what you see is what you get” editor but there’s no guarantee that site visitors “will get the website as you see it“.

You will need to extensively test the website to ensure that visitors have a comfortable stay and don’t leave your site in a jiffy.   And here are some useful tools to help you completely check your website:

Browsershots is an online service that automatically captures full page screenshot images of your website in various browsers across all different OS platforms. You also have the option to preview the website design in browsers with or without Flash, Java and JavaScript.

browser-screenshots Browsershots is extremely popular and you may therefore have to wait a few minutes for this service to render screenshots of your website.

IE NetRenderer is another service that’s much faster than Browsershots but it can check the rendering only for different versions of Internet Explorer. Mac oriented websites can try BrowsrCamp which is like Browsershots but for the Mac OS browsers only.

To see how your website appears on the small screens of mobile phones like the BlackBerry or Windows Mobile, check out BrowserCam. Another good option is the Opera Simulator that lets you experience a mobile version of Opera from the desktop. Click here to continue

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