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There is no doubt about it, Social Media is something that just cannot be ignored when it comes to marketing businesses today and many companies spend a huge amount of time monitoring what people are saying about them online. But besides using Social Media in that ‘conventional manner’ it also has another important task, that of ensuring that all the interesting useful content added to a site gets read and that it is about the subjects that people are interested in.

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The issue of talking about ‘trending topics’ is very similar to that of ‘News Jacking’; the process of talking about a subject that has already gained an amount of ‘online traction’. With Social Media however, you can also check out the analytics so that you can tell what is getting the most interest. Then you can jump on the bandwagon.

It does all take a lot of work though…

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How Social Media Can Drive Success on Your Content Marketing Roadtrip

I think most marketers would agree that social media and content marketing compliment each other nicely. Need proof? Recent research has found that 93% of B2B marketers list social media as one of their top five content marketing tactics.

I like to think of social media as the vehicle that drives your content where you want it to go. But as social media continues to evolve, it’s important to remember that we’re not driving down a one-way street. Social media presents more opportunities than just a dissemination platform. It can also be used as a means for engaging your online community, publishing and targeting specific content and building brand awareness.

So how do we leverage social media in a way that drives our content marketing efforts forward? Well, as a person and marketer who’s taken a few road trips in her day, I can tell you that ensuring that the social media marketing and content marketing wheels are aligned is essential. Here are some best practices and tips to ensure you’re ready to roll.

Map Your Route

Anyone who sets out on a road trip maps out the route to their end destination So when it comes to using social media to ramp up your content marketing efforts, create a social media content plan to act as your roadmap.

To get started, ask yourself the following questions.
What do I want my followers to know about my brand? (What niche do I serve?)
What are my customers’ pain points?
How can I provide something of value? How can I empathize with my audience?
What type of content does my audience consume on social? (Generally speaking, How-to and List posts are wildly successful.)
What social platforms should i be a part of? (Where is my target audience? Do I need to be on every platform?)
What kind of results do I want? (Increased social traffic to my blog? More followers?)
How will I measure results? (Engagement metrics? Social traffic to the website?)

Understanding who your audience is and how they use social media will help you create a content plan that provides the type and style of content that will resonate.

Use the Right Fuel

Filling up with the right fuel ensures your vehicle doesn’t break down a mile down the road. So when it comes to social media as a content marketing tactic, make sure you’re engaging your audience with the right kind of content at the right time.

Use the analytics available on social platforms to see what kind of content is driving the most engagement (likes, shares, link clicks and comments) and when your content is getting the most engagement. This will allow you to tailor your content to that specific social audience and drive engagement.

Also, keep track of trending topics. Trending topics present opportunities for you to become part of the conversation and create timely content that showcases your expertise or product offerings. For example, Hollywood’s biggest night–the Academy Awards–was held Sunday, Feb. 28. A few days before, TopRank Marketing published a best practices article titled: Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Red Carpet Worthy?

Stop for Directions

If you get a little lost or just want to make sure you’re going the right way, use social media to tap your audience for insights and content ideas.

One excellent way to gain insights is through creating a poll. For example, each week TopRank Marketing asks its Twitter followers to weigh in on a marketing related topic. Not only does this foster engagement, but it also helps us understand our audience better. The information we collected can also be used in future content pieces–that we know our social audience will care about.


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