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Having unique content on your website is the only way to go these days but if you are selling thousands of products this may pose a huge problem. Many ecommerce sites make use of the blurb supplied but manufacturers and whilst this is OK, it does lead to duplication and if it is at all possible, adding a few sentences of unique writing can be the difference between being found and not or making a sale or not. It may be that it is not an option to do this for every product you sell, so in this case, choose the products that you sell most or that you want to promote and do it for these items. Being able to offer unique and good quality content will set your site apart from the rest particularly when it comes to Joe Public as well as the organic rankings on the search engines. So, how do you go about writing for your ecommerce site?

Content is a common cause of headaches on ecommerce websites.

Hundreds and thousands of individual products, all with their own URL, all lacking any form of unique content to help them stand out both to users and search engines: this is an all too common occurrence in ecommerce.

I’m going to show you five simple ways to work with content to help it stand out, both on-page and in the search results.

Use detailed, unique descriptions

I’ll start with one of the most fundamental things you should be doing on your product pages.

Make sure you are using a detailed and unique product description for all of your products, and not, as some companies are doing, providing nothing more than a few words at best. Take this t-shirt on the Bench website, the description is nothing more than this:

Bench t-shirt product description

Surely there is more to say about it than that? Give search engines (and ultimately customers) something to read by providing, at the very least, a few unique sentences of content.

But don’t do as many online stores do and simply take the description of a product from the manufacturer and reproduce that copy on the product page on their site.

By doing this, their product content is no more unique than every other website doing the same thing. Below is the product descriptions on the Currys and Pixmania websites for the Samsung UE40ES5500 TV.

Both have totally identical descriptions, providing absolutely nothing new for the customer and negatively impacting your SEO due to duplicate content (a search for part of the text shows 824 different results).

Identical descriptions of the same TV

The product description should be viewed as more than just something for search engines. It is the copy that is trying to sell the product to the customer and should be treated with as much care and attention as the copy on non-product pages.

Key points:

  • Always include at least a paragraph of copy for a product description.

  • Don’t use the manufacturer description – write something unique. Click here to continue

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