SEO need not be confusing

Having a website is like having a shop, you know it is there and you need to attract visitors but if nobody knows the address of your shop they will not be able to get to you. Once you have had your website built, it is important to attract the right sort of visitors, that is those who are likely to want what you are offering. It is vital for your business that you have your site properly optimized so that the search engines can direct traffic to your site. Search engine optimization or SEO is seen as a bit vague, a bit of a black art or just plain confusing, so we have found some handy guides to help you understand and perhaps even help you optimize your site.

I used to think SEO was a load of ruddy nonsense. I was a designer and front-end developer who wrote solid HTML code, understood that content was important, and that if a site was structured well enough with loads of keywords crammed into every corner, it could get listed, and shabam, optimisation! After all, SEO is just an afterthought. A dark art. Something people try and sell agencies or clients to skin them for a bit of extra cash, right?

WRONG. (obviously)

Since starting at QueryClick a few years ago – a search marketing agency (which is performing very well for what I previously assumed was nonsense) – I have come to realise that SEO is absolutely integral to almost every part of the design and development process. I implore you to set aside all previous misconceptions (because that is what they are) about SEO and what it entails, and listen very carefully as I inform you of what you NEED to know about SEO as a front-ender, and how you can employ it to your advantage.

Most of you will already do some of these things without realising, and some of it is common sense. Some of you will, however, be making grave and harmful mistakes, rendering your hard work on design and development utterly useless when it comes to trying to perform in any capacity for your clients.

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