SEO in 2015, It’s Becoming More Important Than Ever!

At Rouge we build ‘websites the work’ and more than ever that means that they ‘work’ when it comes to attracting traffic via the Search Engines, and in the UK, that means Google.

Why is SEO in 2015 so important?

That basically comes down to how people search for the products and services they need today. In the (distant) past it used to be Yellow pages (do you remember leafing through those books) or by checking out the local / national newspapers, but this is not the case today.

Now is the time of the Internet

No, today, those old fashioned methods have gone, now people turn to the Internet, their interface to the sites on it being, you guessed it, the Search Engines, most people in the UK (and indeed the World) using Google. So this means that if you want to be found by people who don’t know about you already you just have to make sure that they find your site some other way.

You could of course use Radio or TV ads, Press Releases or Direct Mail, but today, more and more firms are turning to the Search Engines as the source of their traffic (and hence sales).

We found the article below while searching about on the Net for info (we do it too you know) and thought that even though it was posted in January, the message that it contains was well worth sharing.

If you’re a digital marketer or website owner in 2015, chances are your third eye is on search engine optimization (SEO) now more than ever. Why? SEO not only tops the charts for generating leads and creating new business, but it’s also one of today’s most sought-after skills and talents. Businesses small and large recognize the precious value of digital marketing and the positive impact SEO can have on the health of a business.

What is SEO?

In its simplest form, SEO dictates the relationship between search engines and a website, regardless of device. If your website or blog doesn’t have a good “relationship” with the likes (and links) of Google’s algorithms, this can mean little-to-no visibility in search results. Not showing up in search results for your targeted keyword phrases related to your business’s products or services means a drastic loss of potential business.

While the term SEO has only been around since 1997, the marketing process has gone through many transformations, iterations, interpretations, and even exaggerations over the past two decades. Thanks to Google’s constantly changing (and secret) algorithmic recipe, webmasters who once held the keys to controlling search results are no longer in charge, and influencers such as quality content and social media activity are playing a larger role in search marketing.

Factor this in: organic search remains the leading way U.S. adults find online information and websites, according to a Forrester Research survey, beating out social media gorilla Facebook, good old-fashioned TV ads, and even trusted and true news stories.

Because of this, brands have no choice but to put their time, money, and resources where the search is, as experts predict SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) will continue to capture the largest share of online spend at 47 percent, or about 14 percent of the firm’s total marketing budget.

Winning the SEO Learning Curve

Since SEO is no longer dictated by a webmaster’s bag of tricks and is becoming more of a mainstream business line item, the need for education across multiple departments, generations, titles, and positions is increasing.

The influence and potential of SEO is more of a team effort ranging from keyword and competitive research, content writing and optimization, visual and multimedia, linking and, of course, understanding how to avoid the wrath of Google penalties.

In 2015, silos are being broken down and SEO is becoming more of a joint effort involving roundtables of input from traditional marketing, online marketing, and public relations. Influencing search results is now a team effort more than ever before.

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