What Questions Should A Web Designer To Ask A Client

So what questions should a web designer ask their client before they can quote for a web project, let alone quote for it?

This is a very important area indeed, as unless you can understand what a website is trying to achieve and who it is ‘talking’ to you simply cannot create it. At Rouge therefore we go through an extensive process where we cover the questions below:-

1.    The first thing is to check the current site (if there is one) and ask what the client does not like about, what it is not achieving. We of course will have our own views on this, but the clients views are very useful here.

2.    We also cover the hosting issue, as poor hosting could badly effect a websites performance, slow sites really putting users (and the Search Engines) off.

3.    Perhaps the most important area comes next, that of the clients overall objective , that is, what  are they trying to achieve? There could be many here, or just one, it really depends on the market place the client is operating in.

4.    Then there is the primary function of the website, this being perhaps only a part of the objective. Such functions could include getting people to sign up for a newsletter, or if it was an ecommerce site, then selling items will be key target.

5.    Then comes the issue of who the site is ‘talking’ too, in other words what age bracket do the potential customers fall into, what are their interests and what language do they speak. The latter covers more than just the language they speak, it also includes how technical they are in what manner they need to be conversed with.

6.    The whole idea of the site then needs to be addressed, that is what is the main ‘idea’ we are trying to ‘put across’ to the visitors of the site.

7.    The key functionality of the site then needs looking at. Here this can really be down to us, as in many cases our clients need help in this area. Of course as ever we are happy to help. This question covers the issue of Content Management , in other words will the customer be updating the site themselves or will we be doing any changes.

8.    Now, we start getting down to the nitti gritty, the area of the website plan and the sort of content that will be needed and who is going to write it. This group of questions also covers the issue of Branding, Images and Photographs. Are all these available, or will they have to be supplied?

9.    The sites that the client likes (the competitor’s sites) are then listed, the important area of what the client likes about these (and does not like) being recorded.

10.    Finally, we have to discuss when the site is needed and the what sort of budget the client has in mind?

That about covers it, as armed with this information we will be able to produce an accurate quote, and more importantly a first class website that is bound to meet the clients needs in full.


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