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There are many ways of promoting your ecommerce site but one of the most popular is to use Pinterest. Pinterest is a form of social media where photos are posted and this can be a really great way of showing off your goods and promoting certain lines. It can give an ecommerce business a huge boost and if you are not already on Pinterest, what are you waiting for?

Learning the ins and outs of popular social sharing site Pinterest takes only minutes, but can have a positive effect on ecommerce marketing.

Pinterest may be the hottest property in social media sharing, with a growth rate that rivals Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It also has the potential to be an excellent opportunity for marketers, which I addressed last week, in “Use Pinterest to Raise Consumer Interest.”

In this article, I’ll offer step-by-step instructions for Pinterest’s most common tasks. To get started with Pinterest, you will first need an account there, which at the time of writing was available by invitation. You can request an invitation from the Pinterest site.

How to Add the Pinterest Bookmark Bar Widget

Pinterest has two buttons that it calls “Pin It”. One of these is added to a browser’s bookmark bar; the other is added to a website. To fight confusion, you can refer to the former as Pinterest’s bookmark bar widget.

To get this bookmark bar widget, you will need to have your browser’s bookmark tool bar showing.

In Google Chrome, go to settings (the wrench icon on the right), “Bookmarks,” “Show Bookmarks Bar.”

In Chrome the "Show Bookmarks Bar" option is under "Bookmarks" in the settings menu.

In Chrome the “Show Bookmarks Bar” option is under “Bookmarks” in the settings menu. Click here to continue

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Pinterest for ecommerce

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