The Perfect Approach to Creating the Very Best User Experience

Defining the Scope of the Project

Before you can start to design the perfect interface you have to decide what you are trying to achieve and what approach you wish to take. To answer this critical question, you have to carry out detailed research, whilst also being sure that during this phase you don’t place tight boundaries. This is important as if you don’t have an open mind you could miss out on a potentially useful direction for your site.

With the research carried out you can then create a firm scope for the project with a defined list of objectives.

The relationship between your users and your website / application

he stages in user interface design


Before you can start to write any code, you must already understand how your users are interacting with your current site (or ones like it). This data shows the ‘pain points’ the users experience, things that we know that if we removed, would reduce user frustration. We then combine this information with the design changes we know improve user experience (see our other blog on User Experience Basics).

Creating the Optimal User Experience

The very best interfaces are those that allow the easy and efficient exchange of information between a user and a website / application. This however requires knowledge about the databases and systems being used on the platform. This is important as it is these systems that ‘feed’ the interface, and if they are not ‘up to the job’ in providing this information consistently and quickly enough, the interface will simply not deliver as required.

This part of the research allows us to create the efficient data structures which facilitate the streamlined flow of information between your users and the platform.


Using all the information collected so far in the process, our UX team then design a set of  interactions, each tailored to your customer’s needs. This process ensures that the finished solution is a seamless, pleasurable experience that caters to the needs of all users.


It is this stage that detailed sitemaps and wireframes come into play, these providing prototypes that show the skeleton of your website or application.

User Testing

All the data collected so far is only a part of the story though, as in order to make sure the UX does meet all the requirements, it is necessary to carry out detailed user testing.  This is vital as a solution that does not cater for the exact needs of its users is no solution at all.

Visual Design Issues

As discussed in our previous blog, at Rouge we consider the impact that layout, typography and colour theory have, making all the adjustments needed to ensure that the very best interface is delivered.


It is this process that enables Rouge to create the very best User Interface (and supporting systems) for it’s customers. Please do contact us for information, we are waiting to help your business create the perfect interface to your customer base.

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