Making sure that your web content is king

We are forever being told that content is king and you must have the right sort of content on your website, but what does this actually mean? What is content and how can it affect your website? Content is the words that are written on your site in order to share information, describe goods and services, and, attract the search engines. Whatever you write must be relevant and should be interesting with a smattering of good quality keywords interspersed throughout.

Rule 1:  Engage Your Reader

Numerous people think that just having article after article loaded onto their website is going to make their website look authoritative and will have a positive impact within the major search engines.  This is not necessarily true.  Content that you place on your website needs to be done so that people learn something they didn’t know already (i.e. informative).  Additionally, studies have shown that a better strategy to follow is to add high quality, well-written content on one page, rather than breaking up content into multiple pages and implementing them within your website.

Rule 2:  Use Keywords Strategically

Quality rules over quantity.  Therefore, don’t overload your content or body of text with the same keyword(s) over and over again.  For example, if you are writing about roses, don’t do something like this:

“Roses are a wonderful flower to work with.  Roses are within the rose family and what’s interesting about roses is that different roses have different colors.  When roses were first discovered, they were immediately regarded as one of the most beautiful flowers in the world.  There is nothing like a rose to make people feel happy.  I know that any roses that I receive always make me smile.  Roses are a great gift and also nice to bring loved ones.”

This paragraph clearly illustrates keyword loading.  As you read the text, you begin to notice the words “rose” and “roses” over and over again.  It doesn’t sound natural nor does it really provide any true editorial value.  It meanders around talking about personal experiences with roses and no one is ever going to link to this (unless they are a family member or friend).

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