Importance of First Impression With Web Design

Ever gone on a website that just seemed clunky, unusable, and downright unappealing? There are many websites that have a lot of potential (in terms of content), but the way they are presented is poor and this causes them to fail the test of the all important first 10 seconds of being viewed.

It is thus essential to understand the importance of that vital first impression for a website and what it can do to the quality and quantity of traffic that is being driven in. Let’s take a glance at the importance of first impression and how making a website look aesthetically pleasing and usable is imperative in the modern age.

First Impressions

The reason for ensuring the importance of first impressions is understood has to do with the behavioral trends of the target market. It does not matter what the website is about, the traffic in the modern era of the Internet does not care about waiting around. It wants all the information that is on offer as fast as possible and anything short of this is not good enough and is viewed by the majority of visitors as a downright waste of their time, so they click off the site…

It is recommended to place an emphasis on these details at all times.

Clear Design

What is required to get a high-quality first impression in place and ensure the traffic that is coming in continues to stick? This is a question that is asked by millions of web owners around the world on a regular basis. Everyone wants to know the answer.

It all begins with the clarity of the page and the content that is on it. There shouldn’t be too many things happening on the page as this can obscure the entire purpose of the website. It should be clear and everything should be presented in a professional manner.

Bright and Elegant Colors

The use of colors is a key component of the website that is being used to draw traffic in and potentially convert them down the road into sales.

You have to ensure the use of colours is done in relation to what the target market wants and what they are willing to read through.

Let’s imagine a website on weddings is being designed, would it be nice to throw in a lot of dark and gloomy colors? Of course not! This is where you need bright and clear colors. It is this balance that is needed to create a good, welcoming impression.

Important Content Easy to Read and Find

This is essential as you have to ensure the web design does not hide the content that is being delivered. This is the first goal, to get the reader to what they want to see. If this is information of weddings and tips in relation to this event then they should be able to find the content right away. It should not be a challenge to get to the content because most people will quit.

Fast and Easy Navigation

Usability is another component that has to be remembered when it comes to web designing. This, fast page downloads and easy navigation are all vital aspects.

As mentioned again and again, first impressions are key and a slow loading website is a nail in the coffin. You simply cannot have a website today that is slow, as this will not only put the viewer off, but also Google, as they penalise slow sites, and that could be really bad news if you are after Organic traffic.

Basically, it is not worth anyone’s time to stay on a slow site and most people don’t have the patience to stick around and deal with it.

A Click Away From Disaster

These are just some of the reasons that come into play when it comes to understanding the requirement for aesthetic web designing. There is no point in having a website that is unappealing because the traffic that is coming in will go elsewhere. Most people don’t have time with solutions that are mediocre and don’t want to go through the hassle of sifting through a clunky website. It just does not make sense for them when there are millions of other options out there for them to see.

I hope this gives you some idea about why web design is not as simple as it may seem, and why we at Rouge take great pains to ensure we know our customers market place so that we can deliver a site that does the job it is intended to do, increase sales or awareness of the business concerned.

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