How to use social media to promote your ecommerce business

So many people now use ecommerce to purchase goods and services that it really is vital to have a high online profile for your business. There are many ways of promoting an ecommerce business but these days, social media is being harnessed to promote all sorts of businesses. The problem is that you could spend all day every day keeping up with your business’s social media accounts, so it is essential to find a system that works for you. It is really worthwhile to make use of social media however, it must be done in such a way as to be informative and not as a pushy sales service.

The term social media might give you the impression that it doesn’t have much to do with business. After all you post your pictures of your last party on Facebook, or you tell people about your latest holiday on Twitter.

Businesses however deal with people, so it is only natural that they go ‘social’ and interact with their customers that way. It’s a more personal approach that makes people feel the company is interested in them.

Even though social media might not drive up the sales directly according to statistical research, they can and do increase awareness and interest in the products and services of a company.

For example, if the latest shooter video game for the Xbox is advertised on Twitter, I might not buy it straight from their web site, but I might buy it from another retailer. However, that Tweet has just contributed to that sale.

That said, even pseudo e-commerce sites such as online auctions can benefit from social media.

Talk About Related Subjects

Don’t just post a tweet every time you release a new product. Engage in a discussion and address people’s concerns, but always stay positive.

If you are selling computers, talking about the latest operating system can be a good way to gain followers who have been keeping an eye on that subject (hashtags on Twitter are very helpful for this), so more people become aware of your existence.

Do a Research to Find Niche Social Networks

Facebook is the biggest social network out there, but it isn’t the only one. Some other specialised networks might be better suited. If you are working in a business-to-business environment for example, LinkedIn is probably a better choice.

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