Green Monday – Black Friday and Ecommerce

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two well known terms (especially the former after the ‘riots’ we all saw on TV last week) . But have you heard of ‘Green Monday’? This happens on the second Monday in December as many are starting to panic and worry that they need to get their skates on and get buying those Christmas presents….

The other news is that these two ‘cyber days’ are set to run together and make it a ‘cyber week’ soon as online sales grow every year. Even the UK Government is getting into the act it seems now, saying that companies that do not have an online presence are increasingly going to lose out.

All this seems to mean that if you run a company that could sell online that setting up an Ecommerce store could be a great idea. At Rouge we totally believe that a good online shop linked with the right marketing approach can pay dividends, so if you are interested, do give us a call.

In the meantime, please read on and enjoy the news on Green Monday

Understanding online sales trends like the growth of Green Monday, Cyber Monday’s metamorphosis into “Cyber Week,” and similar may help ecommerce business owners and marketers make better marketing decisions and, ultimately, sell more throughout 2014’s sales-heavy fourth quarter.

U.S. online sales are expected to grow about 15.5 percent overall during the 2014 Christmas shopping season as compared to 2013 sales. Small and mid-sized sellers won’t necessarily perform as well as large omnichannel retailers, but should still earn, perhaps, a 9 percent increase in sales compared to 2013. In general, ecommerce sales growth should outpace physical store sales, which are expected to rise between 3 and 4 percent in the United States.

Holiday predictions are not enough to make sales. Rather, online retailers need to find ways to get their piece, if you will, of the holiday sales pie. Usually, this means offering shoppers discounts or other shopping incentives and promoting those offers via advertising, content, email, or similar.

These holiday online shopping trends to watch in 2014 could give some sellers ideas about when to place ads or make offers to maximize sales.

Green Monday Sales Will Soar

Green Monday is the second Monday in December (the 8th this year). It generally marks a second surge in online holiday shopping, when last minute gift buyers hurry to make online purchases that will arrive in time for the holiday without incurring additional shipping charges

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