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Search engine optimization or SEO is vital for your website to be listed on the search engines. It does not matter whether you own a multi-national business or have a personal website for sharing information, if you do not have a strategy to use SEO, your site will disappear into the ether. SEO can be a tricky business and unless you have the knowledge, you will struggle to get it absolutely right.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, has the power to make or break a business. Good SEO can propel a website to the top of Google’s search listings but many businesses fail to harness its potential or grasp its importance, a picture not helped by the fact that SEO is such an unpredictable science, constantly changing and putting the patience of website owners to the test. The optimisation techniques that worked perfectly until yesterday can be considered history today after yet another algorithm update from Google.

As far as SEO was concerned, 2012 was the year of quality, not quantity. Google made some radical changes to its algorithms, most significantly Panda, first released in 2011, and Penguin, launched in April 2012, both of which target low-quality websites. In its efforts to remove ‘spammy’ pages and websites, Google penalised websites that were, amongst other things, stuffing keywords, writing purely for SEO purposes, and engaging in cloaking practices (such as embedding white text on white backgrounds).

Not long after the Penguin updates, Google hit with yet another update. The ‘Pirate update’ was rolled out back in August 2012 with the purpose of penalising sites that have been repeatedly accused of copyright infringement. So, if Google receives a large number of ‘takedown’ requests against your site and after analysing it comes to the conclusion that your site violates copyright, then your site gets penalised. How? Google will cause your site to rank lower in search results, or even de-listed. Click here to continue

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