Ecommerce – Reaching Out To The Online World of Shoppers

This is a really good video, it explains in a 'fun way' just what you have to do to get your business online and why you should do it. All the steps are there and the animation with a great voice over is really cool.

Of course, there is quite a lot that has to go on 'behind the scenes' to make it all happen, but getting the right domain name and hosting it in the right place is a good start. However, before you rush out to register, there are a few things to bear in mind, like maybe you need a shortened domain name for ease of use and a longer one for the Search Engines (who just 'love' descriptive domain names, which are full, but not stuffed with keywords).

Then of course there are the words on the site, the message you want to put across etc, so it is not 'snap your fingers and it's done' sort of project, but saying all that, with a company like Rouge at your side, you will be taken painlessly through all the steps, it all being explained as we, together, move the project along.

So, if you are interested in establishing an online market place for your company, then please do give us a call.

In any case, please enjoy the video, it's Great Fun!

Ecommerce – Reaching Out To The Online World of Shoppers



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