Drupal or WordPress, which is best?

As with many things in life, we are faced with choices and unless we have a bit of knowledge, we can be left wondering which choice to make. Drupal is a great platform which allows you to build a website which offers flexibility, however, WordPress is also a useful platform and you may be having to make a choice between the 2. So, how do you go about choosing the right one for your requirements? Here is a helpful article which has many useful facts.

There are a ton of posts on the internet on the CMS wars, i.e. why X is better than Y, why WordPress is superior to Drupal, why Joomla is so bad and Drupal is the best, etc. I’m not really interested in pointing out why Drupal is better than other CMSs, because quite frankly different tools server different needs and to compare them doesn’t really explain much of the dynamics of a tool for its situation.

In my opinion, “superiority” is a pretty loaded term when it comes to the question of the best CMS of today. The expression “best CMS” should be qualified by modifiers, including the Best CMS for YOU or the best CMS for this or that need. WordPress is without a doubt the best CMS for basic blogs and content exchange. Amongst WordPress and Joomla, Drupal is largely the best in terms of most flexiblity and as such, depending on your experience level, Drupal can be viewed as either the WORST or BEST CMS out there. (Disclosure: For me, Drupal is the best!)

I’d like to briefly go over some of the reasons where why some recent clients have come to me seeking advice on migrating from WordPress to Drupal. I’ll focus on a main argument, namely that while Drupal may take more work initially, it’s the best CMS when you expect to have a changing gameplan of needs in the years to come. Choose Drupal when you aren’t quite sure what kind of site you need or will need.

Where WordPress Shines and Where It eventually flounders: Blogging

WordPress is the king of content and blogging. Since that’s one of the most useful things to do on the Net, it’s no surprise that WordPress (a blogging-centric CMS) shines in this domain. WordPress installs relatively easily and presents end-users (=bloggers) with a clear and familiar sense on how to create and manage blogs and blogging media.

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