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Today, it is not enough to simply have a web presence. The most successful businesses have entire marketing plans that include print media, billboards, desktop websites and mobile apps. Their brand identity is clear, consistent and appealing across all of those platforms.

If you want to stand out from your competitors, then you will need a similarly creative and consistent brand identity. There is no room for template based or turnkey designs in a competitive marketplace. Even consumers who are not web developers themselves can spot amateurish designs, and they will be put off from purchasing from you if they think that your website is not up to the standard it should be.

Design that Speaks to You

If you give some thought as to how to pick a really creative website designer, you will find that it becomes easier to identify a high quality designer. Some hallmarks of good design include:

  1. Use of white space – sometimes it’s what isn’t shown that matters.
  2. Creative colours – complementary and contrasting colours can be used to create interesting effects and to draw attention to important information.
  3. Typography –  there’s more to the web than Arial, Calibri, Verdana and Times New Roman!
  4. Animation – slick movement and graceful transitions can make a plain looking website much more appealing.

Creating a Brand

Take a look at the websites of some of your favourite companies, and compare how the website looks versus how the company presents itself elsewhere. Is the website instantly recognizable as belonging to the brand in question? If you removed the company’s logo from the header graphic, would you still give the same answer to that question? How memorable is the website? Does it simply convey information through text and images, or does it offer a more interesting experience than that? Another big issue is whether the website mobile friendly.

As a brand owner, you want your customers to enjoy the best possible experience whenever they engage with your brand. When you are looking at the portfolios of website designers, pay attention to how well each website reflects the brand in question. A website for an insurance company is likely to be less quirky than a website for a fashion designer –  this is no bad thing. What you want to see is variety, and personalization. Can the website designer really put forward the personality and tone of each brand?


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