Creating Killer Copy is the Backbone of Marketing

We all know that Design is Important. The simple reason being that it is ‘Design’ that grabs the visitor in those vital few first seconds, BUT, it is COPY that then holds their attention and, hopefully, converts them to so what you want them to do.

Good Copy is Vital
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Creating Just ‘Any Old’ Copy is Not Good Enough

This means that creating any old copy is just not the way forward, you have to think very carefully what you want the user to do and the work out the best way to ‘help them along’ that path.

That is not to say you sell them something they don’t need, but if you can help them choose the best solution for the problem that they have you’ll be doing them a favour won’t you.

At Rouge we understand how to create Designs that just cannot fail to be noticed, but we also have access to some of the best copywriters in the UK, so with your knowledge of your product and services and our expertise, we can be sure of creating real ‘killer’ pages and sites.

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Killer copy is the backbone of marketing.

Creating it is a powerful art and sweet science.

And it’s not about being clever or cute.

It’s about getting the person who’s reading your words to do one thing, and one thing only…

To take the desired action you want.

That’s it.

However to get your prospect to act, you need to grab his attention and keep it…all the way down to the last word. You need to push his emotional hot buttons and bring him to boiling point. And you need to lift risk off his shoulders, overcome objections, ask for the sale and justify your price.
Doing the above–without sounding like a robotic product description with a buy it now button–sounds like a handful doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, I got you covered. After reading this guide you’ll be equipped to:

  • Create straight-for-the-jugular headlines that grab attention
  • Nail your openings and introductions
    Craft a smooth sales message that propels your reader forward
  • Create copy that keeps readers straightjacketed to the page
  • Comfort your reader’s gnawing objections
    Learn how to hook your prospect with (proven) psychological hacks

So get comfortable, it’s time to harness the power of the written word to beef up your business with higher conversions.

Let’s go.

Get Into Bed With Your Customer

You can have beautifully written copy. You can have a gorgeous website design. You can even have a kick-ass product.

But if you don’t have a firm, white-knuckle grasp on the nightmare inducing pains and heart warming dreams of your customers; you’ll get as far as a solar powered snail…in an eclipse

. Think about it…if you aren’t aware of what fears make your customer’s throat dry and his heart heavy, and what goals he continually “replays” in his head when nobody is watching.

How on earth are you going to convince him that your product/service can help him?

You can’t.

Becoming A Sales Detective This is where you roll your sleeves up and start sleuthing behind the scenes. Infamous copywriter John Carlton calls this becoming a sales detective and getting into a “ bogart-like gumshoe frame of mind.” You’re going to:

  • Dig through previous copy or sales literature
  • Interview customers Interview employees
  • Scout out your competition, James Bond style
  • Pump Google Alerts for info Analyse your web analytics

Becoming a sales detective is all about using research to step inside your customer’s world. It will inject empathy into your copy and answers the all-important question…“who are you dealing with here?”

With the “preliminaries” out the way, let’s dive into the “nitty gritty” details of creating powerful copy.

Crafting Headlines That Jar Prospects Into Attention

Famed copywriter David Ogilvy said: “On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar.” Or in other words: A weak headline can make your business bleed money.

A case study by shows the huge power behind headlines. They switched the landing page headline for a local scandinavian gym from, “You Work Out Smarter at Fitness World” to “Group Training and Fitness at Your Local Gym”.

The results? A 38.46% increase in memberships sold.

The AIDA Formula You have a white knuckle grasp on who your prospect is. You know his pains and desires.

And you have a headline that’ll drag him in like demonic tornado. Now it’s time to lay down some copy.

Productivity usually plummets at this stage. People find themselves drowning in writer’s block… wondering “what now?”

Well fear not, the famous AIDA formula (popularized by the legendary Gary Halbert) will pluck you from the crushing coils of writer’s block. Just like a superhero swinging down to pluck you from a speeding car.

The AIDA formula acts as a skeleton for most sales letters. It is structured around the wavering interest levels of your reader. Which helps you anticipate his thoughts, questions and objections.

This magnetizes your copy and gets your prospect to act. So what exactly does AIDA stand for?

A – Attention

The opening, where you snag your prospect’s attention and quickly convey that what you have to say will benefit him. Usually the headline and the opening sentence.

I – Interest

This is where you pique the interest of your reader by either “rubbing salt in his open wounds” (agitating his pain), or by weaving a story that highlights how he’ll fulfill his desires.

D – Desire

Your reader is interested in your offer. Now it’s time to “stomp on his greed glands” and arouse his emotions by describing how your product/service will enhance his life.

A – Action

After your product sweeps the reader of his feet, this is where you invite him to take action.

Usually to buy, download, click or subscribe.


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