Content Marketing – What it is and Why it is Needed

It seems that way back in 1996 the one and only Bill Gates predicted that Content would be the main way of making money on the Internet, quite a feat and prediction. The debate as to whether he is right is still raging now, there being two schools of thoughts, one party saying that ‘Content Marketing’ is a waste of time, while others praise it saying it is the way forward and the way to influence a companies customers.

We found the article below while searching for thoughts on the subject and it provides some very useful information about what exactly ‘Content Marketing’ is and why it is said to be so powerful.

The full article also covers the objections to the process, as well as the challenges involved when following the process of ‘Content Marketing’.

Content marketing is one of the biggest success stories in the global marketing industry. Everyday, thousands of pieces of content are published, all professionally planned, commissioned and measured to give brands a powerful way to reach their customers. This builds a fantastic level of loyalty, gaining sales along the way.

Moreover we also seem to have entered the era that Bill Gates wrote about in an article back in 1996. Reading the article, it makes Bill look like he’s a psychic. In a nutshell, he said: Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.


Case Study: Kodak, An American Technology Company Focused On Imaging Solutions And Services

Previously, it was the media who created content based on Kodak products: Photography magazines, and other technology blogs. Today, Kodak creates its own content, which is very similar in nature.

Kodak, along with 1000s of other businesses is now maintaining corporate blogs.

Because what formerly was the sole bastion of the media, is now also a company bailiwick! Content marketing now matters pre-purchase, while purchasing, and post-purchase (basically, always!):

A consumer using Google to research new laptops, what, according to you, is going to get them to a Dell site?
– Valuable content that’s optimized for that.
When the consumer wants to compare one laptop to another, what is going to help them do that?
– Valuable content that’s optimized for that.
Consider a customer who wishes to be in the loop when it comes to new products from the company or brand, what’s going to transform them from a customer into a loyal fan?
– Valuable content that’s optimized for that.
So What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the strategy of producing and publishing information that builds trust, relationships and community, so people feel loyal to you and your brand. There are many reasons why the world’s leading brands use content marketing.

Content marketing increases sales

In its authentic form, content marketing serves as a controlled shop window for companies to sell their products and/or services to customers.

It retains customers

Every year, retail and service businesses face stiffer competition. Companies therefore place a high premium on the importance of retaining their existing customers. By offering both entertainment and information, content marketing rewards the customer by keeping them updated on new products or services.

Building your brand

For any company wishing to build their brand, they need a method of communication that gets their message across. Good content on websites, emails and print products provides you with the ideal opportunity to alter how people perceive your brand.


The core aspect of modern content marketing is the generation and distribution of content across the key marketing mediums – print, digital, mobile and social media.

Engage customers long term

Using regular communication with your customer base, you can gradually build a bond with your readers, increasing their trust and making your product and/or service their first choice.

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