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For anyone running an Ecommerce site, cart abandonments are a real pain, after all, you have managed to get a customer to your site and have got them to add lots of items to their baskets, only for them to leave the process without completing the order.

Why Are Carts Abandoned?

But why does this occur and more importantly what can you do about it. The first step here is to work out the main reasons for users to abandon their carts. The graph below (courtesy of shows the top 6 reasons. As you can see the top reason is ‘unexpected shipping costs’, something that counts for over a quarter of abandoned baskets. Of course you can do something about this by making sure that you keep your p&p costs to the lowest possible as well as ensuring that the visitor knows that costs will be added at the checkout. It is however possible that if you make people aware of the costs that they will never place the order in the first place, again another reason to keep your costs as low as possible.

why carts are abandoned

Forcing Buyers To Create An Account Can Be a Bad Idea

The second issue refers to some sites demanding that the user creates an account before the order can be placed. Having an account is useful for some users as it means they can place future orders quickly and easily, however, many people place a small ‘test’ order first, just to see if they like the products and service received. To force these visitors to create an account can be counter productive. After all, if you want them to give you their email address (for future marketing purposes) you can get this when an order is placed without them creating an account. In most instances it is therefore best to allow a user to place an order without an account, whilst pointing out that by creating an account they can get extra benefits (like order tracking). Doing this could increase your sales by a substantial amount.

Just Shopping Around

The third reason is that people are just shopping around and wanted to see if they could place the order and what the total costs (including shipping) would be. These ‘researchers’ are always going to be about and there is not much you can do about them really.

Security Concerns

The fourth reason, ‘security concerns’ are something you can do something about, but first it is a good idea to realise that having a ‘bricks and mortar’ address on your site and a phone number by which people can check up on orders / ask questions, is a must. These details give the user the confidence to place the order in the first place, and make them less likely to be worried about any security concerns when going through the buying process. However, the most important thing is make sure that your site uses https and that it shows this by means of a padlock or other symbol.

Make Sure The Checkout Process Is Simple

The next reason is to do with a confusing checkout. It is therefore vital to make sure that the ordering process is simple, straightforward and easy to use. If not you are liable to lose orders. If you are worried about this, then get some people who have never used the system to place an order (using a dummy account) and listen carefully to their feedback, making changes as needed.

If You Use Coupons Make Sure They Work

The last reason is that of not being able to find a coupon code, or I suspect using a coupon code that is supposed to work but does not. So if you do use coupons, make sure that the ones that should work do work and that any coupons are clearly marked as to what, and when they can be used.

If you would like to see more information on cart abandonment, then please check out both:- and both sites providing some fascinating information for your perusal.


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